Abdul Wahid HASYIM1, Adipandang YUDONO2

1URegSpaceLAB, Urban and Regional Planning Department,
Brawijaya University
2URegSpaceLAB, Urban and Regional Planning Department,
Brawijaya University

Executive Summary Spatial Information about land cover and land use in urban areas is needed various kinds of planners and research professions, such as land use planner, transport planner, architect, hydrologist also urban climate researcher (, accessed 2011). According to Eric F. Lambin, Helmut Geist, (2006), Land use is a land management information which is obtained from a very detailed analysis. Currently, information on land cover can be easily obtained by using satellite imagery. Through image processing of satellite recordings with sophisticated sensor technology, variety and characteristics of land cover can be known in detail. WORLDVIEW 2 is the image of the New High Resolution Spectral Bands that have excellent band from DigitalGlobe Inc; Coastal Band (400-450nm), Yellow Band (585-625nm), Red Edge Band (705-745nm), and Near Infrared 2 Band (860-1040nm) , and 4 other standard band of red, green, blue, and near-infrared 1. These bands very suitable for reading urban land cover classification. This research examine spatial statistic of 8 band-WORLDVIEW 2 by comparing classification techniques using SAM (Spectral Angle Mapper) method and Maximum Likelihood (ML) method to give the best classification results and which most appropriate bands affects the reflection spectrum of urban objects.

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Filed under GIS, GPS, lahan kota, Land Use planning, Manajemen Lahan, Penginderaan Jauh, Remote Sensing, Urban land management, Urban Planning

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